Earth Elements Mat 5mm

Hugger Mugger

  • $ 54.95

Our Earth Elements Yoga Mats are made from  environmentally friendly TPE, a patented, non-toxic, biodegradable foam. These mats have a nonslip surface with a dry sticky feel. Great for environmentally conscious yogis!

  • Nontoxic, biodegradable TPE is healthy for the planet and for you
  • Dry sticky surface stabilizes your practice
  • Very lightweight, perfect for travel
  • Recyclable, biodegradable

Eco Properties: TPE foam is nontoxic, biodegradable and recyclable

  • Size: 24" x 72"
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Weight: 2.5lbs
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Material: TPE Foam
  • Latex free

Care Instructions: Spot clean with mat cleaner or 1:20 solution of mild soap and water. This mat is designed to biodegrade. Do not store in a hot car for prolonged periods. Exposure to sun—In a hot car—will hasten the biodegrading process.


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